Rainwater Harvesting is now recognised as one of the most effective ways to build cost effective water saving in to the infrastructure of a new build commercial project or, when possible, to retrofit in to an existing building.

It is well documented that water shortage will, over the coming years and decades, become a

Aquality’s focus is on providing the client with the most suitable, cost effective Rainwater Harvesting System to meet the current and future demands of the building. With decades of in-house experience, Aquality will work with the designers, the consultants, the contractor and the client to ensure the system is designed and installed to work with the other services in the building and provide all future backup and maintenance as required. This is a much bigger issue for commercial users therefore it is vital that designers and, ultimately, building operators embrace this simple technology now to assist in greatly reducing the reliance on the conventional mains water service.
No two buildings are the same and many factors can affect the choice of system installed.

Along with the reduction in mains water use, the user will reduce the building’s costs with reduced water bills. The simple, easy to maintain technology can often pay for itself within the first few years of use, thus allowing the building to benefit from a self produced, free water supply thereafter.

Aquality pride ourselves in having the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry and are not limited to one particular technology for either storage or mechanical ability.

Early stage consultation with our Technical Department will greatly assist you in providing a cost effective solution to meet the requirements of your development. To receive project-specific design guidance or to request a meeting with one of our experienced design engineers simply click through to our online questionnaire.